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Dare with Grace™

Everything starts with courage and the desire for more. If you dare to take action, no matter how small, you will expand your confidence over time. But equally important, is to give thoughtful consideration to your preparation so you can perform at your best and gradually develop mastery.

Why with Grace? Our definition of Grace is doing something with preparation, practice and attention. Every time you hear us talk about “Grace” this is exactly what we mean.

Ready to start a daring and graceful move?

Great! The Dare with Grace™ program will help you prepare in a fun and smart way. The program has two levels, each will help you activate different superpowers. After going through the two levels, you can continue working on your action plan through Coaching.


This is what to expect from the program:

Own You - Self Awareness

Dare with Grace to get rid of your inner critic and use your vulnerability to your advantage by connecting with your authentic self while using your strengths in your benefit.


What you'll get:

Level 1: Reframe your inner critic and identify your strengths

Level 2: Identify your priorities and activate your strengths

Brand You - Self Acceptance

Dare with Grace to create a memorable personal brand that transmits your best attributes and positions yourself in a powerful way while feeling comfortable and authentic.


What you'll get

Level 1: Embrace your emotions, values and passion

Level 2: Discover your WOW factor and design your elevator pitch

Expose You - Self Promotion

Dare with Grace to create strategic and meaningful relationships and make yourself visible to those key opportunities while polishing your ability to deliver powerful messages.


What you'll get

Level 1: Find your voice and use it with confidence

Level 2: Play high and build strategic networks

Achieve it - Self Determination

Dare with Grace to set SMART goals and gain clarity to help you to keep focused and motivated and discover how far you can go.


What you'll get

Level 1: Create SMART goals and learn the power of feedback

Level 2: Develop a growth mindset and build a strategic plan

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