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What if you could take
advantage of who YOU are?
I am all about women’s potential! My passion is to support women to boost their confidence by connecting with their strengths so they can achieve their bold goals while keeping their balance

What we care about

Redefining our role in society

The current women's and men's role definition is not the answer. It's time to redesign and align them with your life purpose

Finding and using our voice

We celebrate when women identify and use their voice to stand for what they want while feeling authentic

Awakening our courage & confidence

Confident and driven women should have the opportunity to achieve their most ambitious goals 

How we do it

Ready to start an exciting journey?

We provide Coaching services and a Coaching based Program to help women find clarity and confidence by connecting with their strengths so they can unlock their potential and activate it​.

Dare with Grace™

This program will help you to develop your confidence from the outside-in so you can walk taller in different situations


Coaching is a powerful process that will help you to connect with your best version and raise your game by maximizing your resources

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About laura

Welcome! I’m so excited you are here! I’m a women’s advocate by heart. Coaching has helped me to achieve my most ambitious goals always aligned with my values. After working in 4 different cities in a lapse of 4 years, starting a business in New York City and then starting again in Seattle, believe me, I have learned something about resilience and how to embrace change.


My psychology and coaching practice, as well as my international and corporate experience, have developed in me a unique skill set to help my clients to have a richer and more complete coaching experience.


As a woman, I believe that using my voice and following my own expectations are key to my happiness and success. In my free time, you can find me practicing hot yoga or tasting tea in a nice tea room in Seattle with my husband.